A small sampling of the services we offer…

Because all of our work is custom-designed to your needs, the type of event you are having, food preferences, allergies and palate, it can be difficult to describe all possible services we can provide. Below is a sampling of some of the types of services or events that we can do or have done recently. We urge you to explore the possibilities shown here, but ask you to keep in mind that a personal no-obligation meeting is the best way for us to tell you all that we can do. So, look around and then give us a call or drop us a line to discuss your needs.

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Holiday or Special Events and Dinner Parties - Personal Chef Service in Your Home

Holiday or Special Event  or Dinner Party Hosting

These are mostly in-home events where we plan the menu together and then our clients get to relax and enjoy their guests. Especially at Holidays, we are often asked to prepare a family favorite from one of the client’s own recipes. At other times, a client asks me to prepare an especially fussy dish that they enjoy and would like to serve to their guests but wants the advantage of not having to spend all day in the kitchen.

This is also a time when a client might decide on a “theme” for the event and we design the menu accordingly – Thai, Indian, Italian, Cuban, BBQ, Southern – you name it.

Let us cook for your next Bridal or Baby Shower or prepare a Brunch for a Post-Wedding Gift Opening get together. We can also do a very lovely Dinner For Two to celebrate any Special Day, such as a Birthday, Anniversary or an Engagement (Proposal) Dinner.  The possibilities truly are endless.

These services are fixed price service, plus food and expenses.

Business and Corporate Events

Business and Corporate Events

We often work with local businesses to prepare food as a part of a nutrition training for their employees, or as a special thank you for a job well done.

These services can range from preparing health lunches on-site in a classroom setting to offering up a made to order omelet bar before your next big meeting.  Using these types of services as a team-building / friendly competition has been popular with our clients in the past. Picture your sales team vs. your admin team in a throwdown-style salsa making competition!

These are not the “catered events” you might be used to having. All food is prepared on-site and served at your location. These services are fixed price service, plus food and expenses.

Business or Meeting Catering Services

Traditional Breakfast or Lunch / Business or Meeting Drop-Off Catering

Ranging from a simple sandwich/salad lunch, to boxed lunches, to a small buffet of hot food offerings, this service is popular amongst the business crowd.

You still get a chance to customize your menu. Or chef will work with you to create a unique menu, starting @ $9 per person. See our standard menu here.

Funeral Luncheons

Funeral Luncheons

Our funeral catering menu is designed to offer you peace of mind. Planning a funeral for a family member can be overwhelming and we’ve put together a variety of simple but elegant options (pricing included) to ease the decision-making process. You are welcome to call us anytime to discuss your needs.

Ranging from a simple sandwich/salad lunch to a small buffet of hot food offerings. we’ve tried to include a variety of hot and cold options, but if you don’t see what you’d like, we also offer the option to customize your menu. Or chef will work with you to create a unique menu, with light meals starting @ $9 per person. See our funeral luncheon menu options here.

Wedding and Other Special Event Catering

Wedding Catering

We are a small outfit and not equipped or staffed to cater a large wedding (or other large events). If you’ve having an intimate gathering of less than 30 (maybe 40) people and would like to serve a customized but limited menu as a plated dinner, we may be able to be to help. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We don’t want to send business away, but it is very important to us to be able to make your event special and therefore, only take on events that we know we can handle personally. The quality and preparation of the food is of utmost importance to us. When we keep it small, we can ensure that you and your guests will be pleased.

We do NOT do wedding cakes or cupcakes, but we know people who do. We’d be more than happy to connect you.

These services are fixed price service, plus food and expenses.

Wine (or Beer) and Food Pairing Dinners

Wine (or Beer) and Food Pairing Dinners/Events

A way to take your next dinner party to the next level, don’t just serve wine, pair it with the the food and enhance to flavors of both.

This service takes place in your home or other location and consists of pairing the right food to a selected beverage or vice versa. In some cases, the food has been planned, but we need to select the right beverage to accompany it. Sometimes, clients will have a special bottle or wine (or wines) that they want us to create a menu around. We’ve also done this type of event for a “girl’s night in” with fun results.

We are skilled at selecting the right pairings and love to walk our clients through our reasoning behind the selections offering an educational opportunity to learn more about both food and wine. We sometimes also like to pair a wine that doesn’t work with a specific food, just for fun, to open the dialogue about why they don’t work.

These services are a fixed price service, plus food and expenses.

Custom Baking for Your Business - Wholesale Baking and Artisan Foods

Custom Baking for Your Business

Whether you’re looking to offer our “world famous” scones in your cafe, are seeking a special dessert selection for your restaurant, or would like us to provide our freshly-baked focaccia for your perfect panini, we can provide wholesale baked goods for your business. Online ordering, payment by credit card and delivery to your location included.

Click here for our selection, or contact us to set up a convenient day/time to discuss your needs. We’ll come to you.

This service is not limited strictly to baking. Other wholesale services might include:

  • Holiday Thank You Gift boxes for your employees – fresh baked cookies and candies made right here in our kitchens
  • Canned Jam and Jellies, Spice Blends, Artisan Salt Blends – all custom-crafted and ready to display on your shelves
Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

In past years we’ve teamed up with the local community education programs to offer 3-hour cooking classes on various topics.  We’ve got a few of those nights on the schedule for the fall/winter but also have plans for classes in our own space. Class topics will vary.

We have also done in-home classes that we custom design along with you. This could range from individual instruction to a small group gathering. Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

Lakes Country Wine Club

Lakes Country Wine Club

Information Coming Soon!

While You're in the Lakes Area on Vacation

While You’re In the Lakes Area On Vacation

Give yourself the added treat of a real vacation and take a vacation from grocery shopping and cooking too.  We can prepare all of your family favorites, along with some fresh and tasty items from our local farmer’s and artisan food suppliers.  You can be grill-ready in no time – we’ll do all the shopping and preparation you need for an entire week (or two) of easy and delicious food.

The menu is custom designed with your family’s preferences in mind.

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals – Offered on a very limited basis

This service is used primarily by busy families or the elderly and is effectively a grocery shopping, prep and cooking service.

A date is set, the meals are planned out and once prepared are wrapped and stored for later use and/or reheat. Most clients use this as a way of having the convenience of low-prep meals but without all the expense and chemicals found in most processed and packaged foods.

This is usually a recurring service (once a month or bi-weekly) for regular clients, but has also been purchased as a Thank You gift or as a gift to a New Mom.

This is the bulk of what most personal chefs do. Because we are so heavily booked with other activities and special events, we now do very little of this type of service, but it can be done by special arrangement.