Our Finishing Salts and Seasoning Blends and Rubs

 SaltAbout our custom blended salts and seasoning blends

We are often asked about the secrets to good cooking. For us, simple is most often better. Sometimes all you need to make an ordinary meal into an extraordinary eating experience is a few well placed seasonings, provided, of course, that you’ve started with the best ingredients that your budget allows.

Our finishing salts are intended to do just that, “finish” the dish. All you need is a little dusting just prior to serving (or at the table itself). Our salts bring a complexity to your dish not always attained during cooking. One exception to this might be the use of our citrus salt as a substitute for the salt called for in your shortbread cookie recipe. The citrus blend takes that everyday shortbread to a whole other level of deliciousness.

Our seasoning blends and rubs are intended to go in (or on) your food prior to or while cooking. Or, on some cases, can serve as the basis for a great dressing, or finishing sauce.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients available to us using organic, and/or those ingredients grown without pesticides or chemicals. Not only do we use these blends each day in our own kitchen, we use them in our high-end catering and personal chef business as well.

We encourage you to experiment on your own with our seasonings and rubs and see where your imagination can take you. Meantime, we’ll get you started with the basic uses below, along with a few recipes to give you a head start.

Finishing Salts

Our finishing salts start with a custom blend of Pink Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt, and Pacific Sea Salt from the San Francisco Salt Company. We love how the trio of salts come together into the perfect blend for us to use as a base for our salts.

Himalayan Salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals. Pink Himalayan Salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to health and well being.

French Grey Salt is favored by the top chefs in France and all around the world and is hand-harvested. The salt obtains its natural grey coloring from the salt crystallizing on clay. The French Grey Salt in the blend we use is 100% natural and carries the ‘Nature & Progrès’ certification label from France.

The Pacific Sea Salt is  is made by slowly evaporating waters of the Pacific. This salt offers the pure salt “taste” that we looked for to complement the complexity of flavors offered by both the pink and grey salts.

We couldn’t be happier with the blend we’ve selected. We tested a lot of salt before we settled on this blend as the base for our rubs, including looking at using each salt individually, but we felt that the combination of the three brought a unique element to our finished product.

All our salts should be used with a light hand in order to experience their nuances and to enhance, not cover, the flavors in your dish.

Our current lineup of Finishing Salts

As of June 2016, we are offering our Finishing Salts in four varieties. Each begins with that delectable trio of salts – Pink Himalayn, French Grey and Pacific Sea Salt.

Herb Finishing Salt - 2ozHerb

A “secret” blend of fresh herbs and garlic with a hint of lemon zest make this a versatile salt to finish any savory dish. From beef to chicken, lamb to pork, fish to vegetables and salads, there is nothing this salt can’t improve.  Blend it with a little grated parmesan cheese and toss it on your next bowl of popcorn.

Mushroom Finishing Salt - 2ozMushroom

A blend of dried porcini and portabello mushrooms, a dash of dehydrated soy sauce, and a little bit of hickory smoke amp up the umami in this rich blend.

Use it to finish a steak, a risotto, or a veggie burger, you won’t be disappointed.

Citrus Finishing Salt - 2ozCitrus

A blend of orange, lime and lemon zest — all grown without pesticides or even fertilizer from our (former) orchard near Santa Cruz, CA — zested by hand and blended to perfection with our salt trio. This blend sings on fish, pork, and chicken. Try it to finish off your next salad with a turn or two of black pepper.

We mentioned the shortbread cookies, didn’t we?

Chili and Lime Finishing Salt - 2ozChili and Lime

Our blend of hand zested, pesticide free limes and red pepper flakes alongside a bit of smoky paprika will give any dish a little chili-lime flair. We like to use this salt to finish a taco, or a tequila-marinated flank steak fresh off the grill. It might be at its best when used on the rim of your next spicy margarita or bloody mary.

To purchase our Finishing Salts, please see our store.

Seasonings and Rubs

We lump these together because most of them are versatile enough to use as a seasoning inside or outside your dish. Some, however, are just meant to rub a little love on your meats before cooking. Either way, we think you’ll find a number of uses for them in your own kitchen. For inspiration, visit our recipe page, located here.

Our current lineup of Seasonings and Rubs

Smoky Sage Seasoning Mix and Rub - 4ozSmoky Sage

A perfect rub for the barbeque grill, slow cooking meats or long cooking roasts — great for your low and slow preparations.

The smoke comes from crushed smoked peppercorns, we use lots of sage, other spices and a hint of freshly zested orange, along with sea salt. No need to add anything to this rub. We recommend using directly on meats as a dry rub, or mix a bit into your favorite marinade. Great on beef, especially tri-tip, if you can find it. Pork, chicken, and turkey all benefit from a little rub of love.

Sweet Aleppo Pepper Seasoning and Rub - 4oz Sweet Aleppo

We blend Aleppo Pepper flakes from the Mediterranean with sweet dehydrated honey and a bit of salt to make the perfect salty sweet rub with what has been described as a pleasantly slow burn. Unlike more common red chili flakes, aleppo peppers are much milder and have the fruity flavor of raisins, prunes, and sun-dried tomatoes.

This blend works well as a rub on chicken and pork, but you can sprinkle a bit on grilled vegetables just as they come off the grill. You can even spinkly a bit of this on your popcorn, not too much…a little goes a long way.

Ginger Citrus Seasoning and Rub - 4ozGinger Citrus

Give your meats an Asian lift with our Ginger Citrus rub. Hit your flank steak with it as your secret flavor weapon for Korean street tacos. Or use it as a seasoning in a turkey burger, pork or chicken meatball, or as the basis for a salad dressing. Dust a little on your fish before cooking to impart an “I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I love it” flavor to your fillet. Try it on a salmon fillet from our friends at Sunrise Salmon. Make an aioli dip for fries and take that dip to the next level with a couple teaspoons of this blend added to it.

A blend of lime, orange and lemon zest, ginger, a bit of dehydrated soy, and just a dash of sweet from honey, this will make a great base for a marinade or salad dressing — add a bit of oil, some citrus juice (think orange and/or lime) and maybe a dash of sesame oil along with the kick of some sriracha.

French Mustard Seasoning and Rub - 4ozFrench Mustard

Ground mustard and tarragon blended with citrus zest, fennel, a little thyme, a few other flavorings and herbs, along with sea salt and pepper. This is “french cooking” in a jar. This is the “secret” to our amazing tasting chicken — well, most of the secret anyway.

For salads, whisk it together with Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, and a fruity olive oil for a quick and easy vinaigrette. Stir a bit of this into your mashed potatoes, or sprinkle it on your roasted potatoes just before you are ready to serve them. We’ve even been known to start a hollandaise sauce with this blend — don’t question it, just give it a try.

Remember that salmon from our friends at Sunrise Salmon, yeah… rub a little of this on that fillet before you cook it and WOW! It works well on pork chops too!

All Purpose Seasoning Mix and Rub - 4ozAll Purpose

If all the rest of our seasonings and rubs don’t cover all your flavoring needs, we’ve developed the perfect “all purpose” blend. Rub it on any meat, fish or veggie before it hits the grill — either as a dry rub or mixed with a little oil or in a marinade.

We use this on burgers instead of salt and pepper when seasoning. It also doubles for us as a Santa Maria-style rub (but don’t tell our friends back in CA that, it would be sacrilege in their minds).

To purchase any of our seasoning blends, rubs or finishing salts, please see our store.

Our (ever-growing) collection of recipes using our Finishing Salts and Seasoning Blends

Here are links to a few recipes using our seasoning blends and rubs. We hope you enjoy our entire lineup of flavors.

Links to recipes coming soon!