It’s (Almost) Official

Sandwich on fresh Foccacia Bread

Sandwich on fresh Foccacia Bread

We’ve got two exciting announcements.

The first pertains to catering services. After putting it off for years, we’ve finally taken the plunge on getting our catering license. Or…at least that is what is supposed to happen tomorrow after the final inspection of our catering kitchen tomorrow afternoon. So if all goes well, we’ll be licensed to provide catering services for your upcoming events in addition to the personal chef services that you have already come to know and love.

We are finalizing some catering menus aimed at business clientele for both lunch and breakfast meeting options. These will include our fresh baked goods in the form of bread and goodies, inventive sandwiches and salads, hot and cold options, house-made dressings and rubs, all made with fresh and (as much as possible) local ingredients. As always, we will be offering “off menu” items as well and will work with you to craft the perfect menu for your meeting or event.

We can certainly do the traditional “drop-off catering” but we can also turn your meal into an event: think build-your-own omelet, lunch-time learning, hosting a cooking class, or team-building competitions such as a salsa making contest. Don’t hesitate to ask us for ideas, or tell us what you’re thinking and we can find a way to make it happen.

Our second announcement is related to wholesale baking.

In conjunction with the catering license, we will also be licensed as a wholesale bakery. This means that your cafe or restaurant business can use our baked goods in store. Breads, desserts, granola, scones … you have access to it. You will be able to order by phone or online and we will deliver in the the local area — fresh baked and locally made goods, not generic food service items. All from your local small-batch bakery.