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What is a Personal Chef?

What is a Personal Chef?

A personal chef is a trained professional who prepares customized restaurant quality meals for you, your family and guests in your home. Even if it’s your home for just a week or two while you are on vacation. Services are often used for special events and we also cook for a few clients on a regular basis.

Our standard list of Services is available here, but be sure to inquire of you’ve got something else in mind. We love a challenge.

What Can I Expect?

What Can I Expect?

As a professional chef, I, Jan, am also trained and certified in food safety and sanitation. Although he did not go to culinary school, Chris has also received food safety training. We also ensure that we discuss any potential food allergies or intolerances as a part of the menu planning process. All of our services are designed to be customized to your needs, tastes and budget.

One of our early clients once exclaimed that she had had what she called the “Personal Chef Experience”.  She was hosting a Thank You event for volunteers and enlisted Jan’s help for the event.  In addition to the menu planning, shopping, cooking, set up and cleanup being taken care of, we purchased the paper goods, flowers, balloons, beverages, ice…you name it.  When our client walked in to the event, everything was ready to go and all she had to do was play hostess.

This is exactly how we expect things to go each and every time we do an event for you.

Why Use a Personal Chef Service?

Why Use a Personal Chef Service?

Sometimes…you just want to sit back and enjoy a great meal and the company of your guests.

The use of a Personal Chef’s service isn’t just for the rich and famous.  Although, if you happen to be either or both…make sure you call us ASAP.  In all seriousness, a personal chef is more than someone who cooks for you. We can consult on nutrition, special dietary needs, event planning and the like.

Do You Cater?

Do You Cater?


Yes. We do. We recently re-licensed our catering business. Read all about our catering options here. Please see our Services page for information on group size, etc that we can accommodate.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

This is very often the first question that we are asked.

The cost of our service depends largely on the cost of the food you would like to serve. I like to tell people that costs are comparable to going out to a restaurant serving similar foods, except my food is freshly prepared to your taste each time.  In addition, you aren’t drving there, waiting in line, disappointed that they are out of your favorite food that night, trying to find something the kids will like and/or worried about drive home after you’ve had a celebration cocktail or two.

I charge you back directly for the cost of groceries (no markup) and supplies and then charge a professional service fee based on the time and skill your meals require.

Our daily rate is $325.00

No...Really. How Much Does It Cost?

No… Really, How Much Does it Cost?

To be honest, it’s very hard to answer without first understanding what the service is that you are looking for, how many people we will be cooking for, and without a thorough understanding of the menu, difficulty of sourcing and/or preparing ingredients, etc.

The “standard daily rate” is $325 for Jan’s services as your chef.

This fee includes all pre-event planning, menu development, shopping, and approximately 4 hours on-site, including cleanup. It is generally only charged for the date of the event, so, for many events, that will be the cost over and above the cost of food and supplies that your event requires. Additional staff help needed to carry out the event, additional prep hours, out-of-area travel expenses, and other expenses may be incurred and will be added to your invoice. We are able to include most of these items in an initial quote, but in the event of unforeseen circumstance, may be subject to change. This is rare.

We provide an estimate of the total invoice, including our professional service fees upon request. Full payment for services is expected on the date of the event, unless prior arrangements for payment have been made. A deposit may be requested to reserve your date.

We accept Visa and MC.

How Many People Can You Serve?

How Many People Can You Serve?

A lot of that depends on the venue. Are we cooking and serving in your home? Is the format stand-up appetizers or sit-down dinner? If we’re cooking in an arranged venue, it will depend on similar factors, and the kitchen facilities as well. We can discuss all that in our first meeting.

That said…we are a small business.  It is possible for us to hire in for serving duties, but I, Jan,  prefer to do all the cooking myself to ensure you get the best quality food and exactly what you “ordered”.  Given that, the max number of people we can serve for a Sit-Down (plated or family style) event is about 30.  Most people’s home don’t seat more than this number at any given time, so it’s usually not an issue.

For a Buffet-Style or Passed-Appetizers event, we are able to accommodate much larger numbers of people only limited by the space available in your kitchen (or chosen venue).

Do You Teach Classes?

Do You Teach Classes?

Yes, we enjoy teaching others how to cook their favorites.  We are sometimes called in to help people menu plan and learn to cook new things for health reasons, for themselves or a loved one, too.

We can teach in your home, or in another facility. We are currently working on a plan to provide regular classes to the public. If you are interested in learning more about that, drop us a line and we’ll keep you in the know. Once the classes are scheduled, you’ll be able to read about them online as well as register and pay right here on our website.

The most frequent item we are asked about teaching is bread.  For some reason, working with yeast is difficult for a lot of people. We can also teach you a new cuisine, how to pair foods together or with beverages, as well as some culinary school basics – no need for you to go to culinary school, Jan already did and can share with you what she learned.

In the past, we have worked with the local Community Ed program to do a number of classes. Stay tuned to the website for more information about this as we work locally to find the appropriate venue for these classes. Drop us a line, tell us that you’re interested in our upcoming classes and we’ll send you an email when they are scheduled.

What's the Next Step?

What’s the Next Step?

Please give us a call at 425-244-1446 drop us a quick email, or use our Contact Us page to reach out, and tell us what you’re considering. If you’re not sure about using our services, we’d be glad to explain in further detail what we can do for you and/or discuss options.

Sometimes, all folks want is a few ideas and a little bit of help the first time. We’d be glad to discuss that too. 

Still have questions, or ready to schedule? Click here to contact us.