• About Us

    Sweet & Savory Kitchen is a collaboration of husband and wife team, Jan and Chris Werkau

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  • Catering

    The Sweet & Savory Kitchen “catering team” can handle all the details from setup to cleanup. All the details can be handled by us.

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  • Services

    A small sampling of the services we offer… Because all of our work is custom-designed to your needs, the type of event you are having, food preferences, allergies and palate, it can be difficult to describe all possible services we can provide. Below is a sampling of some of the types of services or events that we can do or have done recently. We urge you to explore the possibilities shown here, but ask you […]

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  • Lakes Country Wine Club

    The Lakes Country Wine Club was established in 2003. Over the years, members have enjoyed a variety of tastings and events sponsored by the club. After a brief hiatus , the club is back in 2016 even better than before. The Lakes Country Wine Club events offer you the opportunity to taste a variety of wines (and beers) from around the world. Direct access to winery representatives and wholesalers provides a resource for all of your […]

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  • FAQ

    These are a few of our most frequently asked questions… Click on the + icon below to open each section: Still have questions, or ready to schedule? Click here to contact us. 

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  • Eat With Your Eyes

    Photos of our foods are coming soon.   They say that you eat first with your eyes. Enjoy your first bite.

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  • Our Finishing Salts and Seasoning Blends and Rubs

    Sometimes all you need to make an ordinary meal into an extraordinary eating experience is a few well placed seasonings.

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  • Contact Us

    We make it easy to get in touch. Simply leave us your contact info and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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Rhubarb Scones and Tea

Young Blood Coffee Co

Young Blood Coffee opened their doors last week at 623 NP Ave in Fargo and we were there. Well…not in person, but our scones were there…and will be each day for your enjoyment with their amazing coffee and tea products. Tim and Elisha Griffin (read more about them here) recently launched their new venture after years in the coffee biz on the west coast. We had a chance to sit and enjoy a cup (a […]

Catering Menu Now Online

Our standard catering menu is now available online. Here’s the post from our Facebook page: We’ve got our STANDARD catering menu up online! If you’re looking for a basic catering job (well…as basic as WE make it anyway), you’re sure to find a great option for your business meeting, volunteer gathering, funeral luncheon, early morning meeting, etc off our basic menu. Of course, the bulk of what we do will continue to be catering and […]

Sandwich on fresh Foccacia Bread

It’s (Almost) Official

We’ve got two exciting announcements. The first pertains to catering services. After putting it off for years, we’ve finally taken the plunge on getting our catering license. Or…at least that is what is supposed to happen tomorrow after the final inspection of our catering kitchen tomorrow afternoon. So if all goes well, we’ll be licensed to provide catering services for your upcoming events in addition to the personal chef services that you have already come […]

Herbs and Salt

Finishing Salts

  Our finishing salts are intended to “finish” your dish. All you need is a little dusting just prior to serving (or at the table itself). Our salts bring a complexity to your dish not always attained during cooking. All our products are handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients available to us using organic, and/or those ingredients grown without pesticides or chemicals. Not only do we use these blends each day in our […]

Granny Smiths ready to become Apple Pie Bars

Our Farmers Market Biz

We started our farmers market season and now with a couple of weeks under our belts, we are feeling like we’ve hit our stride. The produce at our market consists mostly of early season crops like lettuces, rhubarb, asparagus, radishes and the like but we’re seeing a lot of canned goods, jams and jellies, baked goods, pastured meats and handcrafted items to start the season and draw customers before the produce starts to really kick […]